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Small Market Movements

can offer bigger opportunities!

Easy availability of data science and analytics tools has given way to a relatively new technique of trading known as scalping. Scalping refers to a trading strategy where a trader places multiple trades in order to make small profits over extremely short time frames. In this style of trading, it is essential for the trader to have a stringent exit strategy. Our scalping management services provide you with the right tools including live feeds and direct-access broker to help you formulate successful strategies and work towards earning a higher growth potential.

Disciplined and experienced financial managers and advisors develop a risk management system that prevents you from holding losing transactions for too long. Scalping involves opening large number of transactions and trading in short time intervals. Professional managers at MC-WEALTHadopt a regulated and hands-on approach to conduct and assist you in placing buy and trade orders. With the help of charts and other data analytic tools, we focus on securities’ previous price movements. The historical prices data is used to predict the securities’ future movements.

Capitalize on small market movements

Scalping is based on smaller market movements which are more frequent than larger ones. The market’s time and sales are used to determine when to place the trade orders. MC-WEALTH scalping professionals are equipped with the knowledge, expertise and discipline to conduct the trades from which you stand to benefit. Furthermore, we have just the right market sentiment and live trends which investors can keep up with to make better and more informed decisions for a diversified and strong portfolio.

Our scalping trading features are sure to help you maximize your growth potential in the markets and make better, wiser and quicker decisions:

  • Timed trades to avoid significant price changes
  • Best in class in-house IT system and back office support
  • Automated, simultaneous checks on multiple market conditions
  • Convenience and professional insight
  • Detailed historical and real-time data for strategizing

More and more investors have started realizing the benefits of scalping and started working on capitalizing the market movements by making their portfolios stronger. Whether you’re a part of large investment banks, hedge funds or institutional investors,our managers consider market conditions and help you conduct trades at the best possible prices.