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Analyze markets, spot emerging trends

and place your trades – all in fractions of a second!

Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics have become integral parts of our everyday lives. The almost dramatic evolution of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics has found its way to the world of investments by way of High-Frequency Trading. High-Frequency Trading is a mechanism that includes use of powerful computers to place buy and sell orders via automated trading platforms. Using these platforms, executing trades of millions of orders and scanning multiple markets and exchanges is a matter of seconds!

The trading platforms are programmed to follow a defined set of instructions and place trade orders as per those instructions. High-Frequency Trading essentially comes down to creating proper algorithms which the machine learns and eventually builds upon.

Here is a glimpse of MC-WEALTH High Frequency Trading features that could make your investment journey faster, smoother and more rewarding.

  • Timed trades to avoid significant price changes
  • Best in class in-house IT system and back office support
  • Automated, simultaneous checks on multiple market conditions
  • Convenience and professional insight
  • Detailed historical and real-time data for strategizing

The automated trading system at MC-WEALTH is designed to follow a defined set of rules based on any mathematical model of your preference. The instructions place trades to generate profits at a higher speed and frequency. High-Frequency trading also offers the benefit of focusing on long-term and short-time investments while controlling trade entries and exits.

A customizable screen that acts as your gateway to quicker and better investments.

The high-frequency trading system can be customized to monitor stock price and the moving average indicators. It can be programmed to place buy and sell orders when your pre-defined conditions are met – thereby eliminating the need to watch and track live prices and graphs. The system prevents you from missing out of investment deals that match your set criteria by placing instant and accurate trade orders.

Experienced investment managers and data science analysts collaborate to create our algorithmic trading system which could be beneficial to your investment goals. The system uses a complex set of algorithms to learn from real and simulated trades, analyze markets and spot emerging trends. Whether you’re a part of large investment banks, hedge funds or institutional investors,the algorithmic trading system accounts for market conditions and helps you conduct trades at the best possible prices.