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Women's Guide To A Richer 2019

Modern times have paved way for women to make history by earning higher and reaching newer heights. We all have seen men creating history and embarking their journey with a successful completion of annual pay package. In this society, we all have been made to think the way men are the only bread earners in our community – woman shall not be paid higher than any man. This is what we’ve been hearing since ages. But times have changed. Women are too embarking on this journey called “women’s guide to a richer 2019”.

In this article we shall learn that how can we earn higher returns on our income tax? We will also come to know that how Wealth Advisors work if we ask them for their guidance. Where and when to invest and how much are some core areas that we’re going to cover up today.

Earning and saving upon your income comes hand in hand. There is a lot to pay in terms of taxes (directly and indirectly) that it becomes tough for any person to save much. There are many options to save your hard earned income. But how, when and where should you invest to make a diversified investment portfolio is still unknown to you. Being a layman and a novice, you can only put your savings into your bank accounts, without knowing much on how to increase it by twofold. You want to make more money but you’re not much aware on how to do it. Do you know that there are several ways by which you can increase your savings?

This year, with the beginning of 2019, I made a resolution - “earn additional, save additional and pay additional. The order is important, not many of us know exactly about the order. It goes like first earn, then save and spend whatever is left. So you have an idea that how much you are earning, how much you have saved by your earnings (after deducting all sorts of taxes that you pay) and then whatever is left is the cherry on your cake.

Here’s my checklist to create a diversified investment portfolio for 2019 with the help of wealth advisors and asset management companies:

1.    De-clutter your investment portfolio: invest in Diversified Investment Portfolio. Only one wouldn’t help you become rich or save more. How do you feel when you weed out old and shabby clothes from your wardrobes? It reduces our decision-making time and that we feel additional organized. The same applies to investments. Sift through the money documents and your papers. Investing in refund policies and associate policies will be beneficial. You might soon as well realize that an endowment policy or an old public provident fund accounts too.

2.    Invest in mutual fund portfolios: Redeem the figures if you find them better than your previous savings. Also if you see prices hitting a downward direction, immediately redeem them. Begin the year by initial hunting down previous investments from your portfolio.

3.     Financial news and information can be intimidating: You can opt for to not be afraid if you look out for right resources like money blogs or on-line portals that specify jargons and ideas that can help you make more money.

4.    Choosing the right time and amount to invest: take into account investment like vegetable searching. You may withdraw and choose recent veggies on your own otherwise you should purchase it from on-line merchandiser to save lots of time.

5.    Keep in the mind 3 cardinal rules of choosing any investment avenue:

- Returns: Will that investment provide fastened rate of come or is it connected to a market? What is the inflation when adjusted offers you? It may earn you a tenth of your income over the term of investment, your total come are four-dimensional solely because the getting power of the money reduces over a period of time.

- The period of time of investing: Are you able to withdraw your cash whenever you want after you earn higher returns? Is there's a penalty for retreating cash once a precise period?

- Tax Efficiency: what's the tax you ought to pay money for any financial gain or gains arising from that investment? Ask about the post-tax returns of an investment avenue.