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The Untold Story of a Self-Made Investing Millionaire

Who does not want to earn more money? Investment can be a very tricky thing and the investment world is very fast changing. Not only the investors but also the stocks and their prices are changing and constantly fluctuating at any and every given point of time. The unpredictable market can cause prices of the stocks to skyrocket on one day and maybe to take a nose dive on the very next day.

Well, the answer of how to earn more money is investing in stocks. There is also a fair chance that an investor can earn a butt load today and quickly lose out on an amazing investment opportunity the next moment just because of the fact that they were at the wrong place. But one of the best things about being successful in this business is that when you make it big, apart from the huge amount of money, the fame you earn is huge and of course, you would be able to earn more money without a shred of doubt!

Especially in recent times when investments are becoming digital fast, you are no less than a legend if you figure out How To Invest Money Online. After all, it is all related to how to invest online which forms a base for how to invest successfully.

It was the Berkshire Hathaway's billionaire chairman who made it big by his asset management company and diversified investment portfolio before people even knew about how to invest online. He is famous across the continents as one of the greatest financial advisors and investors the world has ever seen. He made his fortune from scratch and shown us the way of how to earn more money. This is not an easy feat to achieve. From Coca-Cola to other various companies, whose shares were brought by Mr. Buffet as his great billion dollars ventures, each of them has had a strategy and business plan that Warren Buffet has meticulously studied before dipping his toes in those waters.

The story of Mr. Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett was born to a family of a stockbroker turned congressman and he had two sisters both of whom had an amazing attitude for such investment-related topics. Everyone who knew him can explain that he had an uncanny ability to calculate stocks from a very early age. When he has only 6 years old, he pocketed a 5% profit on 6 packs of coca cola which he took from his grandfather's grocery store.

When he was only 11 years old, he bought three shares of cities service for 38 dollars per share which fell to 27 dollars just after some days. When it came to 40 dollars, he quickly sold them but it went on to be 200 dollars just after some days. This incident taught him that patience and Asset Management Company is everything in this line.

Buffet was never too fond of college. He made 5000 dollars delivering newspapers, which is equivalent to 42,610 dollars in 2000. A part of him was always interested in the world of investments and knowing how money churns in the market!

He went on to Columbia University for his postgraduate studies where he met famed professors Ben Graham and David Dott who changed his life forever. Warren Buffett went on to work for Ben Graham. There were differences in the way both of them would like the asset management company to run. Ben was more interested in numbers whereas Buffet was obsessed with the company's management. Between 1950 and 1956, Buffet increased his net worth to 140,000 dollars from a mere 9,800 dollars. Before the year 1956, he was managing a whopping $300,000 worth of assets and doing a stellar job at that.

In 1965 Warren Buffett gained control of the company Berkshire Hathaway which has become a giant today and is running warp speed ahead of every other share in the global markets!

Tips to help you become the next investing millionaire:

1.    Diversified portfolio management always helps to keep the risk of investment free.

2.    Take help of various Asset Management Company to be absolutely sure.

3.    Do your portfolio management after doing research about the company carefully.

4.    Be patient. You're in it for a long time. So don't rush in making the buying and selling decisions.

5.    You have to be consistent in the buying and selling of the stocks.

Investing is an art that pays off once you master the basics well! Any investor you see, who is being idolized by the world now, was also a newcomer at some time and definitely did their due diligence before they started. You don’t have to do everything exactly the way Warren Buffet did but remember that even he started his multimillion dollar empire with one tiny stock and one budding idea. You too could be him!