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May 21, 2019

Money Tips to Starting Your Finances Right

‘Make your money work for you' If you’ve ever heard of that expression then you surely know by now what investing, trading and creating a nest egg for the future is all about. Everyone works some or the other way to earn money and the age old practice was to always save most of it for either a rainy day or as a future nest egg. However, recent times are calling attention to a new, better and much more improved way of managing ones finances right- Investing. You already take heaps of efforts in earning the money in the first place right? Then why save it and settle for minimum bank interest rates or keep it aside in lockers and settle for none, when you can invest it and hope ........

May 15, 2019

Everything About How To Make Your Money Work For You

Wants are never ending part of every individual’s life. As one want is satisfied another crops up, it is a very common thing and happens to almost all the human beings, majority of these wants can only be  satisfied with money and hence it becomes necessary to build a proper investment portfolio which will cater to ones needs. Individuals often have many goals, many dreams to fulfill. These desires may be of owning a fancy car, a proper house, spending quality time with family and friends or taking a vacation he/she always wanted to go to. But one needs money to experience all of this and thus spends a major part of life making money. So it is almost necessary for a person to ........