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Jun 05, 2019

Online trading – Pros and Cons

Online trading, as the name suggests, is an act of possession and trading of financial instruments on the internet. In this method of investing, traders deal with and auction their investments using an online trading platform. This process of trading is kicked off when an investor makes an order to an online broker, whether it may be through a specific website or any of the various online brokerage firms. In any case, Investing Money through online mediums is becoming one of the utmost and most prominent ways to invest, as even conventional traders have switched to or are in the process of embracing online trading. With the trend of online investing on the rise, it is imperative to study the ........

May 28, 2019

Best Investment Strategies for 30 Year Olds

Being in your 30’s is a whole new ballgame. Your life is either on the verge of changing, or you are in the midst of change. In any case, your decisions demand a more sensible stance, your plans go through a modification stage, and even your Investment Management strategies are subjected to alterations. The investment portfolio that you plunged your investments in looks different in your 30’s than it does in your 20’s. Your priorities shift, and so do your investment strategies. Therefore, following is the list of investment management strategies that one must adopt upon entering his/her early 30's. 1. Embrace Stocks It is essential at this age for an investor to keep ........

Mar 05, 2019

Do you really need to save tax?

Come March (better known as end of the Financial year) and we all are busy depositing and clearing our dues for the year that we call taxes. April marks the beginning of “tax saving” year. This means that by March end, we all have to clear our dues and file the tax on our income – commonly called as Income Tax returns. Tax saving sessions are implied on both the salaried and the non-salaried citizens. Both the groups of people start comparing their tax saving investment options for the financial year and as soon as the financial year commences.Investing towards your future and creating a nest egg is very vital for every individual and if done wisely, even tax planning can ........