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Apr 30, 2019

Women's Guide To A Richer 2019

Modern times have paved way for women to make history by earning higher and reaching newer heights. We all have seen men creating history and embarking their journey with a successful completion of annual pay package. In this society, we all have been made to think the way men are the only bread earners in our community – woman shall not be paid higher than any man. This is what we’ve been hearing since ages. But times have changed. Women are too embarking on this journey called “women’s guide to a richer 2019”. In this article we shall learn that how can we earn higher returns on our income tax? We will also come to know that how Wealth Advisors work if we ask ........

Apr 01, 2019

4 Tips for women looking to kick-start their financial journey!

In India, people often use the words 'saving' and ‘investing' as terms which they feel are more or less same in meaning. However, they generally tend to ignore the huge difference prevailing in their meanings. Before going on in any venture people need to understand the differences deeply and they must analyze the fact that why it is very important to understand them at the very beginning of their financial journey.Savings is a term used for assets which are kept aside as contingencies which generally offers very little or actually no kind of returns. On the other hand, investment is a term used for ventures that process to create wealth. Now investing is basically a path ........