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Jun 21, 2019

The Most Reliable Ways To Fund A Startup

Have you been working for years but have nothing saved? Do you feel like you can’t breathe until you get your next paycheck because you don’t know if your last bill might cause your rent check to bounce? Or maybe the electric company will have to fight the cable company for your money. According to a recent study, over 94% of new businesses fail during the first year of operation. Money is the bloodline of any business. The long painstaking, yet exciting journey from the creation of an idea to revenue generating needs a fuel named capital. That’s why, at almost every stage of the business, entrepreneurs find themselves asking – How To Invest Money Online for startup? ........

Mar 14, 2019

Funding Your Dream Vacation

Everyone has a place where they would like to go to but can’t because of their financial situations. And let’s be honest, you can’t really fund your dream vacation just by working a 9-5 job. It will take years for you to save up and with all the responsibilities that you have, it will only add up to your problems. Your health might become an issue as you grow older and when you eventually retire you would have nothing to rely on except your meager savings.While all of these are issues that every individual faces at some point in their lives, there is always a way to plan your investments and your life in a better way. You can ensure that you get to enjoy the vacation of ........