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Jul 23, 2019

5 Tips for Investing in Currency

While there are enumerable options that come to mind when we start thinking about financial instruments to invest in, currency trading and investing is one of the more lucrative ones of the lot. Investing in currencies is a way to become engaged with global macroeconomics by generating more money. Currency investment sounds so high profiled portfolio but there are a lot of misconceptions present. People can often make wrong decisions which may result in an economic ruin. It often requires a good learning experience before investment. It allows investors to trade currencies and potentially make more money and earn higher returns. There are five tips that must be kept in mind before investing ........

Mar 12, 2019

Aggressive Trading In The Forex Market

Each trade brings with itself an equal chance of failure and success. Risk is, therefore, as much a part of a trade as investing money is. At times, a small sequence of losses may be enough to abolish most of your risk capital and turn the tables on your head. This is where aggressive trading becomes a negative trait. Aggressive trading is, perhaps, the most notable mistake that newcomers in the trading market often tend to make.It is a matter of common knowledge that there are several Forex currency pairs in the market, and each pair’s behaviour pattern differs from the other, thus making currency pairs distinctive from each other. Similarly, when it comes to trading, each trader has ........