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Mar 18, 2019

Should you give a break to your SIPs?

Systematic Investment Plans or SIP is a crucial step in starting one’s diversified investment portfolio. Be it Equity mutual funds, ETFs or even gold, many investors often prefer the SIP mode of investment when they decide to get started on their investment journey. SIPs are designed with a singular purpose of making your investments affordable and easier to frequently maintain. Though some people tend to stop their SIPs after sometime and while the Asset management companies will let you take a break from your SIP, one must wonder if it is the right move or not!Should SIPs be given a pause?Who wants to lose money and especially the money that is hard earned and would have been safer ........

Mar 05, 2019

Do you really need to save tax?

Come March (better known as end of the Financial year) and we all are busy depositing and clearing our dues for the year that we call taxes. April marks the beginning of “tax saving” year. This means that by March end, we all have to clear our dues and file the tax on our income – commonly called as Income Tax returns. Tax saving sessions are implied on both the salaried and the non-salaried citizens. Both the groups of people start comparing their tax saving investment options for the financial year and as soon as the financial year commences.Investing towards your future and creating a nest egg is very vital for every individual and if done wisely, even tax planning can ........

Aug 08, 2018

Understanding the basics of Asset Management Companies

Financial stability is the key to a healthy happy life and one can’t help but wonder how to actually achieve financial stability in this fast paced and inflation rising times. Logic says that an individual’s income has to rise at the rate of the rising inflation so as to match up with it and sustain standard of living. There is always the standard way of earning with job or business, saving the money up and trying to build a nest egg for the future but more often than not, everyone looks for more ways and extra earnings don’t they?Investing is a very essential mean of earning returns and has actually turned earnings around in the past two decades. However, it is very ........