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Jun 05, 2019

What is asset allocation?

Asset allocation is an integral factor of investment strategy in which it allows to create a balance between risk and reward, by diversifying a portfolio’s assets according to an individual's goals, extent of risk tolerance, and investment horizon. It also describes a strategy for allocating investment in different categories, such as equities, cash, bonds and real estate. Asset allocation refers to the division of money between a combination of shares, fixed income, and cash equivalents. Constructing an Investment Portfolio is all about selecting dimensions of investments that are targeted at achieving specific goals and objectives with a level of risk involved. The key elements ........

May 23, 2019

The Power of Investing Sensibly

Life is too short to be anything but prudent about how you Manage Your Wealth. Letting your money idle away at the bottom of a chest, or stashing it away behind a metallic safe-door while optimistically believing that it would ease your future financial troubles is therefore considered to be a misconception. Unfortunately for individuals who misconstrue savings for investments, inflation becomes the bearer of the bad news, as it depreciates the potential of money overtime. This may be why it is critical for a person to step out of the safe embrace of savings and enter into the field of investing. However, the act of investing is not without the need for wise judgements and intelligent ........

Jan 11, 2019

Tips on how to create an Asset Allocation

For an investor, portfolio filing with an appropriate mix of bonds, stocks, real estate, cash & other investment is essential for your financial health. This is commonly known as “asset allocation”. Asset allocation is an investment strategy adopted by investors to achieve a balance in risk and reward. Under asset allocation, an investor distributes and allots assets in the portfolio as per the risk tolerance, investment goal and time horizon.Asset allocation plan is imperative to reflect financial goals and tolerance. There are many companies offering portfolio management services. It is recommended to get in touch with one such investment portfolio company who will help you ........