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My 7 point plan to make sure that I take a break in 2021

We all work tiresome jobs seven days a week. Some of us do it to support our families whilst some of us try to save up money and invest that money in a startup. If are the kind of person who works for the second reason then you probably have a plan and like me, have decided to take a break from your work and start a business of your own. Now, the question is how does one go about starting their own business? That’s exactly what I am going to discuss and also talk about my seven-point plan which would allow me to take a long break from my job in 2021.

How to make money before you take a break.

The first thing that you would need to do is make a list of things that you would like to do after you take a break or quit your job for good. You will need to learn how to make more money by investing your money in stocks and equity funds. And while we are on this subject, here’s how I plan on taking a break:

1.    Save money every month.

2.    Learn how to invest money online.

3.    Create SIPs.

4.    Stick with those SIPs.

5.    Invest in stocks.

6.    Have a diversified management portfolio.

7.    Consult proper wealth advisors.

Saving money every month is the first and most important step. Then comes the part where you will learn how to invest money online and this is probably the only way you will be able to make more money by taking a break from your job. You can also start a business which would probably take a while but eventually you’ll be earning a lot of money. You will have to make mart decisions and learn how to run a business if you are new to the concept. And you will have to save up a lot before you can even think about starting a business. This is where my plan can prove to be helpful. After you learn how to invest money online, you will have to know everything about the stock market and how you’re supposed to earn higher returns. All the useful information is available on the internet but you should still consult a few wealth advisors on how to invest your money wisely to earn higher returns on your funds.

Systematic investment plans will help you reach your goal a lot sooner if you choose to stick with it as many people tend to discontinue their SIPs after a short while. If you decide to stop your SIPs then you might is out on some pretty good deals and your asset management company might not be flexible with your decision to close your Sip. Having a diversified management portfolio is recommended as it lowers the risk of losing money and at the same time it increases your chances of earning higher returns on your investments and mutual funds. You can also consult a portfolio management company to know more about earning higher returns but people sometimes argue that a portfolio management company hardly offers any insight. A 5-year plan may sound like an age old cliché but if you have an aim set in your head and know what you are trying to achieve then getting there isn’t as tough as it was when you began on ground zero!

Sticking to the plan.

Taking a break can prove to be risky but as I said earlier, you need to have a decent plan which will help you achieve your goals sooner. Investing money can seem a little risky but you have to stick to your SIPs and have a little faith in asset management which will be done by your asset management company. Asset management should be done in a proper way and hence you should look into the asset management companies and choose the one that suits your needs.

So if you really want to take a break from your boring job then you can choose to follow these steps or go about making a list of your own but I guarantee that you will have to invest and eventually you will have to follow these steps. Investing always paves way for a reliable nest-egg in the future and if you have an investment plan that is making you a path, and an advisor that is guiding you along the path, then creating wealth is just cake walk.

So gear up and start saving your money and you will be living the life that you always dreamed about before even knowing it.