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How to Choose the Best Financial Planner in India?

Finances are the key to life and managing your finances is more like a survival video game. Much like in contemporary video games where you need to manage your inventory to save that one last bullet for the right time, in financial planning you need to arrange your fiscal requisites in order to proclaim them on the right occasion. But that doesn’t mean one mistake might doom you to an eternity of debt. However, financial planning is a very vital part of every individual's life and sooner or later one has to manage it in the best way possible so as to secure a better future for themselves.

Money is dynamic, and so is the condition of anything you invest it on and as humans we are not immune to mistakes. Much like winning a lottery won’t pay your bills for life, making one wrong decision will not lead you to bankruptcy. But it is essential to acknowledge your mistakes and learn from them. But in an honest opinion, no one wants to make financial blunders, after all its your hard-earned money. So, when you are making a decisive investment it is essential to have good advice.

Financial planners have been a thing for a while. These are the apps that let you recognise your net value and help you make perfect decision for your investment. The apps are also way better than hiring a corporeal expert. They save your money, time and exposes you to a team of experts who are accessible from your palm.

Here are some of the best financial planners in India.

1.    My Finances

The mobile app's motto is that 'we recognise the need for managing your household, that is why My Finances'. It is a simple app that lets you manage your household expenses. The colourised charts and easy navigation make the experience unique. However, the app’s most unique feature is Tracks your history and follows your earnings and payments. The app also predicts your income and expenses based on your planned operations. It also helps you to save money by showing you the categories you spend most on.

2.    Coinbase

Ever since the arrival of Bitcoin investments have been crazy on it. Bitcoin is basically a crypto currency that helps you make any transaction anonymously. Currently the value of one bitcoin is more than 700000 Indian rupees. It is this investment craze, combined with the anonymity that bitcoins offer, their value has become very dynamic. If you are planning to invest in bitcoin you need a good advisor. Coin base is a currency exchange platform where you can trade bitcoins for other crypto currencies like, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Litecoin. The app, along with providing financial advices, lets you set alerts for when you reach the target price for the sell or purchase of a crypto currency. The app is also available in pc for ease of access.

3.    Mobills: Budget planner

Bills are the inevitable end we all wish never existed. Sometimes it can be tough to manage a mountain of bills that are due on you. How to escape this predicament? Install Mobills. Other than reminding you of all the pending bills, the app actively tracks all your budget and helps you to adjust wherever necessary. They app also provides credit card management.

4.    Mint

How about an app that manages your expenses, makes you a customised budget, alerts you of approaching bills, gives you investment advices, manages your credit card and shows you a real-time credit-score, for free. Sounds like a dream, right? Mint is hands down the best financial manager. It is an app from NTUIT Inc., the same company behind QuickBooks and TurboTax. The app with its revolutionary features makes you smart about your money. The app is easy to navigate and makes the experience hassle free. Get to know how much money you have across multiple accounts, at any given time, with Mint.

Managing your finances is not rocket science. But it is surely a systematic arrangement of pre-planned moves. Saving Money is easy and these apps surely help you in achieving it. After all, every penny saved is a step towards your dream car.