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Dealing with Stupidity in Investing

Mutual funds, Insurance policies, Investments and share markets, are all financial instruments of recurring income. These will always fetch you something or the other if you’re doing it right! You toil throughout the day. Days pass on and on just like that. And when the right time comes, you ponder about what you have achieved; you find nothing. Your savings are nil.

Research shows many individuals have fallen for this thought every now and then! A very good job with an excellent and handsome salary being credited in your account every month. You would never think that your earned money could also fetch you more money because maybe you never wanted more. At times the younger generation or even the working class feels like these diversified investment portfolios are not their cup of tea or maybe not right for them either. More often than not, they don’t understand the benefits of earning higher returns from their income or thinking about investing and be able to make more money.

Making more money is never a bad thought but there are quite a few stupid and utterly dumb decisions people often make in investing that lands them in quite a mess of portfolio and loss of wealth.

-    Diversified investment portfolios helping you average risks and earn at the same time isn’t a concept known to most. Often investors make the mistake of putting all their eggs in one basket, never met any wealth advisor or any asset management company, and then end up in a puddle of bad decisions that cause losses.

People often see fellow colleagues investing money in mutual funds and shares just to earn higher returns and either back-off thinking it is risky or end up investing without expert’s advice because they found it too simple over the surface. This kind of thought process is quite dangerous because it might give you all the wrong notions about investing and end in you losing your hard earned money to market crashes and hoaxed hedge funds schemes to name a few!

Bank FD route vs Stocks and Mutual Funds

While it is true that simple Bank FDs and savings accounts do help you save and make more money, one has also got to wonder if that is indeed the best place to save money or is your wealth’s potential being undermined? Usually when people start reading and learning different aspects of asset management companies they realise that it is an ideal way to go when considering investment.

Making more money is only possible if you avoid stupid and rash decisions and keep these simple rules in mind (they may be helpful when you lose sight of your financial goals or find yourself astray!):

•    Perception is real.

•    The way you think, it doesn’t work always like that.

•    Invest in diversified portfolio management.

•    There is no harm to earn more money (unless you’re harming yourself or others).

•    Speak to wealth advisors near you. They will guide you in investing in a better way.

•    The manner you interpret and perceive the globe directly affects your beliefs and also the manner you reside your life. Perception creates bias most of the times because it creates understanding. It creates worry the maximum amount because it creates curiosity.

The truth is most people want more, even if it is on a subconscious level. Humans tend to trail blaze. From cradle to the grave, our society emphasizes the importance of education. Learning and discovering is what we tend to do, however still it's progressively exhausting to perceive what you do not understand. It is easy to achieve what you have been dreaming of and make your dreams come true if you read, learn, stay updated with the market and invest slow but wisely.

If reading and studying up on some much of investment material is not your thing then you can always think of opting for wealth advisors as well. Investing right and making lesser errors in your investment portfolio in itself is enough for a healthy wealth creation. After all, it is not too difficult to deal with stupidity in investment because all you have to do is make sure that you get expert help and stay invested with the right instruments.