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Bad Investment Habits to let go of in 2019

Investing your money, getting good and sustainable returns and being able to do all of this with a decent internet connection and a laptop is something that a lot of people dream about. But, how to invest money online in 2019 without regretting it?

There are various habits that investors have developed over the last few years while trying to understand how to invest money online. But come 2019, many of these could be wrong and needs to be avoided.

However, the one trick that always works is having a diversified investment portfolio and taking portfolio management services from a third party. This often works out for the best because you could invest less money and even lesser efforts, and still end up with better returns!

So, how to invest money online without messing it up?

As we mentioned before, the first step is to have a diversified investment portfolio. What this means is that on your portfolio, you need to make sure you have companies from various industries. Ideally one should never put all their investment eggs in the same financial instrument. Your portfolio should have various assets including but not limited to bonds, securities, stocks, and fixed income commodities. This ensures profitable returns and low-risk involvement.

It is also suggested to avail portfolio management services so that they can do all the hard work including research for you.

But what habits should you stay away from if you don’t want to avail any portfolio management services and want to go all solo?

1.    Choosing investments that are too safe – It’s true that stocks are more volatile than other sources of investments, but at the same time investing with a little bit of risk is what can yield higher results and is safer than over safe investments or keeping your cash uninvested.

2.    Investing in what you don’t know – It is very important to know what you’re investing in. With almost one month into the new year, a lot of markets are changing their policies and strategies. Research and knowledge is the key to a good investment. Investing in markets like bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies could always be risky because of the lack of knowledge, so try to avoid such investments.

3.    Believing that a market will act similar – If your closest friend hit a jackpot on a stock, it doesn’t ensure that you’ll hit that jackpot too. Markets can change within the blink of an eye. Always do your due diligence before investing in something.

4.    Not having a plan – Often people do the mistake of making investments and forgetting about them. Don’t do that, always keep one eye on your investments, and see if they’re profiting you, and have a plan on the long term. Short term investment plans are never good. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a short term beneficial plan too.

5.    Being consistent with your style – Try to mix up your investment styles. Use different tools and methods and try to explore different markets. Calculated risks pay off often.

6.    Delaying your investments – There’s no proper age or amount to start investing except with what you have and how old you are right now. Saving up to invest later only means that you’re losing on various opportunities to earn more out of the money you have. During investment, time is on your side, thanks to the concept of compound interest. You don’t need to be financial know it all or have a heavy paycheck to be able to invest.

7.    Stay away from your investments – Don’t dip into your investments. Budget your income, and keep this money growing so that you could use it later after your retirement perhaps.

8.    Falling into gimmicks – Often the market is poised in a way so that they can trap your investments. Real estate is always on the rise, but how much rise are they giving?  Does a tax-free bond really exempt you from tax? Try to research these questions, so that you don’t fall into one of these gimmicks.

Hiring an investment management company ensures that you can avail these portfolio management services. They don’t just make sure that you have phenomenal returns but also share their expertise on many other things. Often, they help you by creating a diversified investment portfolio for you and make sure you know how to invest money online without taking too many risks.

Knowing how to invest money online in 2019 is easy if you follow these tips!