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8 Great Investing Apps and Sites for Millennials

Investment, a process of wealth creation, is a long drawn skilled task. Investment has always been regarded as an art and an individual with this outstanding skill possess even diversified investment portfolio. There are many platforms that can help you invest your hard earned money in the right place. The modern world presents you with even more options and latest technology i.e. modes of online investments.

Now the question that still remains is how to invest money online? There are many online certified brokers who can help you with this query. They can suggest you the best online platforms and explain how to invest money online. Here are some of the best investing apps:

The moneycontrol app - This application has a rating of 4.4/5 stars. It is one of the best available apps for collecting information regarding investment and read real-time news. The app also reduces your need for wealth management advisors to a great extent.If your nature and phone don’t not allow you to keep more than 1 investing app, then moneycontrol app is your best bet. The app is famous in the market for its simple interface and easy user journey. It is extremely easy to use this app and though it looks simple, but it contains ton of information. The message board option available in this all lets you chit chat with other online traders.

Economic times - This app has a rating of 4.2/5 stars in Google play store. This is another good reply to investors who are frequently browsing the net to know how to invest money online. This app contains some of the finest filtered and genuine news updates related to online investments. This app provides customization feature because of which you can personalize and filter through Indian trading news and information, making this ideal for online trading.

Yahoo Finance - Yahoo isn’t an unknown platform in India. This application also has a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5, on the play store. After clicking on apps you can set your country and get customized news and information accordingly. It has a brilliant interface which is getting this app more and more popularity. Many wealth management advisors are nowadays advising new and experienced investors alike,to invest and know more about your diversified investment portfolio.

Stock edge - With a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5, on the play store, the Stock Edge app is built specially for the Indian online traders. It helps them by providing end-of-day analytics and visualization alerts for every investor's trading research. You can also search what the big investors are doing these days, their investment zones and know how to invest money online easily.

5paisa mobile app - There are multiple features available in this app which allow you to invest in mutual funds, equity and even buy insurance at ease. The best part of the app is that it provides quick tips and fundamental calls within the mobile app.

IIFL market - In a recently conducted online survey, this app proved to be the one receiving highest positive remarks. It was launched by the financial services veteran ‘India Infoline'. This app holds an outstanding feature of ‘one swipe trading', has a guest sign-in feature and is proving to be a good answer for investors who want to know how to invest money online.

Kotak stock traders -This application is owned by Kotak securities and is integrated with Times of India, money control and economic times. Some of the unique features of the app are that it has a live boomerang and TV set up (24*7).

MC-WEALTH - It’s a relatively new website, rather an entire portal that offers various investment and asset management solutions. They are basically ‘the’ wealth advisors that the investors were waiting for. After all, the best option is generally consulting your wealth management advisor. All the rave reviews they have received till now is definitely making them the investment portal to try!

These are the few applications that you can go for while creating your diversified investment portfolio. Many of your other queries related to how to invest money online can be solved by your advisor and the right advice will make your portfolio a dependable nest egg in the future!