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6 Steps to Safely Doubling your Money

As human beings, we are wired to seek out opportunities for ways to earn the quick buck. For that, investors are now looking for ways of how to invest money online which provide earn high returns at very low or no risks. Financial instruments having these characteristics are a myth and do not exist. However, there are legitimate avenues which enable doubling monies without taking unnecessary risks.

When seeking how to invest money online, keep the following guidelines in mind to safely double your money!

Step # 1: Know Your Risk Appetite

This is the first step in analyzing how to invest money online. Time taken to double investments is inversely proportional to the risk taken. It is essential that you determine the level of risk which you can afford or are willing to take. Different financial products are suitable for different risk appetites. There are three investor prototypes when approaching how to invest money online.

The Contrarian: An investor who goes against the market trend.

The Safe Player: An investor who takes on the slow and steady approach towards how to invest money online. Bonds are ideal financial products.

The Speculator: An investor who wants to take on bigger risks and live on the edge. Derivatives, margin and intra-day trading are most suitable products.

Step # 2: Diversify Your Investments

Diversification is an optimal investment strategy which allows you to earn higher returns at lower risks. In this light, you should divide your funds between both, risky and safe financial products and companies when considering how to invest money online. One way to pursue this is to park your money in mutual funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Secondly, you can also consider investing in non-correlating assets, such as stocks, bonds, gold,and derivatives, among others.

Step # 3: Disciplined investing through automated regularity

Simply put, you should invest their money with discipline regularly in the form of installments. One way to pursue how to invest money online with installments is through Systematic Investment Plans or SIPS. By adopting this approach, you can purchase units of a fund (mutual fund SIP) or selected company stocks (equity SIPs)without worrying about the market scenario and need to time the investment. SIPs are a very apt way to balance out the investment corpus and also neutralizing and earning balanced returns.

Step # 4: Seek professional help

If you are new to investing and confused about how to invest money online, you can seek professional help by consulting financial advisors or investment managers. These professionals begin with an initial risk assessment by studying your financial circumstances, income, number of dependents, estate planning,and tax considerations. In recent years, the practice has become highly personalized as the conventional formal and text-based questionnaire has been replaced with a detailed and emotion-heavy assessment. The new approach lays out a more holistic and in-depth investment strategy for going about how to invest money online.

Step # 5: Invest on the basis of Company Fundamentals

Company fundamentals comprise aspects such as internal processes, brand value,market standing, profitability,and market share, among other things. When evaluating how to invest money online in corporate equities and bonds, or through equity SIP, you should study the company’s history regarding its credibility and dividend payments and also its future prospects on the basis of its innovativeness and forward-mindedness, such as the degree to which it adopts latest technologies and practices such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Once invested, investors should then engage in regular and continuous evaluations of company fundamentals.

Step # 6: Do Your Own Due Diligence, Research,and Study

When considering how to invest money online, it is not uncommon for individuals to overlook due diligence and research. You may end up following advice given by friends or family members – advice which worked for them but may not work for you. It is important to evaluate financial products and companies that are suitable to them. Even those who choose to consider how to invest money online by acting on recommendations provided by financial news shows or press releases, should keep in mind that the recommendations and suggestions cater to the overall broader audience. Therefore, it may or may not be appropriate to your personal situation or be consistent with your investment strategy and investment objectives.