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15 Best Stocks to Buy (And Top 5 to Sell) for 2019

Indian stock market is incredibly dynamic in the present and investors, be it Indian citizens, corporates or even foreign individuals, are all getting more and more pumped up to start investing in this dynamic and full-of-opportunities market. In 2018, India’s stock market was the only one which avoided loss of billions of dollars, as was the tragic scene in every other major Asian stock market then. Statistics show that there was an impressive 8% rise in India’s stock market in 2018. There has been immense stock activity since the first week of January, 2019, which promises to have excellent potential for old and new investors alike.

Recent market reports show that Nifty50 was 3% higher while the S&P BSE Sensex showed an almost 6% hike in 2018. According to numerous experts, the Sensex is set to reach at least 40,000 to 45,000, with favorable election results.

Top 15 Stocks to Buy in 2019

If you are looking to start investing or to strengthen your already existing Investment Portfolio then here are the top 15 stocks of 2019 you could consider adding to your watch list, according to expert advice:

1. ICICI Bank Ltd 

Investment experts expect ICICI Bank Ltd Stocks to continue climbing, with an ROE of around 13% in fiscal year 2019-2020.

2. Ashok Leyland Ltd

Ashok Leyland is set to benefit incredibly with the reported 10% to 12% growth in volumes, which is expected in FY-2019. The company is set to launch a range of models in their MHCV segment which will give better traction in the market.

3.Sunteck Realty

Sunteck Realty Ltd (SRL) has impressive projects operating in BKC (BandraKurla Complex) and ODC (Oshiwara District Center), and the company is set to rake in benefits to the tune of over INR 30 Billion in the next 3 to 4 years.

4. Menon Bearings

Menon Bearings designs, tests, validates and develops bushes, bearings and thrust washers for numerous widespread industrial applications. A recent investment of INR 40 crores, to enhance their aluminum section and improve product quality, is expected to result in revenue CAGR of over 16% in the FY2018-2020 period.

5. KNR Constructions

KNR Constructions is expected to experience impressive revenue growth with an order book which is thrice its present revenue. KNR Construction has a proven track record when it comes to completing projects on time and feature HAM (Hybrid Annuity Model) which always wins.

6.Relaxo Footwear

Relaxo Footwear Ltd remains dominant till date in the lesser-priced branded segment. With an excellent 14% growth in revenue and an incredible 29% CAGR PAT growth since FY2013-2014, the stocks are expected to fetch investors an ROE of around 23% in the FY2019-2021 period.

7. Britannia Industries 

Britannia Industries showed healthy growth in volume, increased focus to provide premium quality and customer-favorite products, and also increased its capacity incredibly by expanding their overseas reach. We expect the company’s stocks to experience a growth of 20% year-on-year in the near future.

8.Aarti Industries 

Aarti Industries is a chemical giant and has shown impressive performances when it comes to its revenue. We expect the stocks to show an impressive growth of around 23 times in FY2020.

9. Reliance Industries 

As seen since the past many years, Reliance Industries petro-chemical segment has shown considerable growth in earnings and displayed constant improvements in its gas refining and packaging equipment, making it a desirable stock for investment in 2019.

10. Asian Paints 

Asian Paints, the leading Indian paint brand, continues its dominant streak in the Indian stock market. A major player in the country’s decorative industrial segment, Asian Paints remains as one of the safest blue-chip companies in the country, with a very impressive traction.

Asian Paints stocks are expected to see a profit of around 19% CAGR in FY2018-2022 and are highly-advised for long-term investors.

11. JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd

JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd (JKL) is expected to increase its capacity multifold, to over 11% MTPA by fiscal year 2019, after having doubled its capacity to 10.7 MTPA in 2014 as compared to its original 5.3 MTPA capacity. With a 30% capacity vacant, there is ample room for the order book to still grow.

12. UPL

UPL is one of the leading pesticide makers in India. Its European operations are set to increase immensely this year after amalgamation with ArystaLifeScience. Thisideal combination is expected to show impressive growth in the UPL stocks in FY2019.

13. Titan Company Ltd

Titan Company Ltd shows incredible revenue, especially during the prolonged wedding season in India. The company can expect a 25% increase in its jewelry sale in 2019.

14. Indian Hotels Ltd 

Indian Hotel Company is the 2nd largest chain of hotel operators in the country and has an impressive share of around 85% in India’s hospitality market.

With an expected up-cycle in the Indian hotel industry this year, there is a high chance of the company earning 9% revenue increase and 25% EBITDA CAGR.

15. Oberoi Realty

Oberoi Realty shows the strongest balance sheet amongst the Indian real estate giants. The company is set to experience impressive cash flow in FY2018-2020, thanks to the strong monetization through its numerous premium projects.

The company is expected to show revenue increase of 47%, with EBITDA at 45% and an impressive 71% PAT CAGR in FY2018-2020.


Top 5 Stocks to Sell 

Now that you know which stocks in India show impressive promise as investments, you also need to know which stocks can earn you benefit right away or save you future losses, by selling them or avoiding buying them this year. Here is a list of top 5 stocks in the Indian stock market, that expert advisors and renowned brokerage houses have been running the ‘sell’ verdict for:

1. Tata Chemicals 

Tata Chemicals Stock is being advised as a sell stock as per current analysis, where it is at current stock price of around INR 663. Experts advise to sell Tata Chemicals with a stop loss at INR 670.

2. Godrej Consumer Products Ltd

Godrej Consumer Products Ltd stocks have been given a target price of around INR 730 with the present price being around INR 758. Experts advise to sell Godrej Consumer Products Ltd sticks with a stop loss at INR 775.

3.Ceat Ltd

Ceat Ltd stocks have been given a sell price of INR 1,120, with the current market price being around INR 1,151. Experts advise to sell Ceat Ltd stock with a stop loss at INR 1,165.

4. LIC Housing Finance Ltd

LIC Housing Finance Ltd has been given a sell price of INR 435, with its current market price being around INR 454.Experts advise to sell LIC Housing Finance Ltd stock with a stop loss at INR 463.

5. Grasim Industries Ltd

Grasim Industries Ltd has been given a sell call by market experts at INR 725, with the current stock price around INR 760.Experts advise to sell Grasim Industries Ltd stock with stop loss at INR 785.

 Be it time in the market or timing the market, knowing what you want as an investor is one of the best ways to go about researching and creating a strong portfolio. You can always do your own digging but if you ever need expert advice then rest assured, there are some really good wealth management firms out there that can manage your money seamlessly.