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Jan 15, 2019

Ways for Passive Income Generation and Investment

The standard and cost of living are changing with every passing day. As such, earning from just a 9-to-5 job may not be sufficient for some people. Passive income is the answer to those who are looking for an additional source of income.

In very simple terms, passive income is the kind of income that requires minimum to no input but continues earning money for you. The online marketers swear by passive income that requires minimum hard work and yields maximum results. Proven to be the best way to earn money, the automatic and effortless process of making money is at first, grueling but the returns most definitely make up for ........

Jan 11, 2019

Tips on how to create an Asset Allocation

For an investor, portfolio filing with an appropriate mix of bonds, stocks, real estate, cash & other investment is essential for your financial health. This is commonly known as “asset allocation”. Asset allocation is an investment strategy adopted by investors to achieve a balance in risk and reward. Under asset allocation, an investor distributes and allots assets in the portfolio as per the risk tolerance, investment goal and time horizon.

Asset allocation plan is imperative to reflect financial goals and tolerance. There are many companies offering portfolio management services. It is recommended to get ........

Jan 07, 2019

Why is Rebalancing Portfolio an ideal option for Investors?

There are different directions of the asset class movement over a time period. This results in the process of allocating the assets of an individual to change from time to time. This indicates the fact that it is necessary for an individual to rebalance the portfolio. To ensure the fact that the portfolio is being managed in the right way it is important to have professionals who would take care of the whole process. A reputed Portfolio Management Company would make sure that the portfolio rebalancing for every investor is done in a way to bring back the portfolio to the original asset allocation, as per their financial goals and long-term needs.

Jan 04, 2019

Reality Check: How Much Do You Actually Need to Retire?

There is no magic number or a right answer to the seemingly significant question of how much money one requires to retire in peace. The amount differs from people to people, in accordance with their needs, lifestyles, post-retirement plans, and possibility of unprecedented events.

However, one factor that remains crucial, despite the income-bracket you belong to or your way of living, is the level of security you are comfortable with. Therefore, in order to reach your own level of security concerning retirement, following steps are thought of critical importance.

1. Creating an estimated ........

Dec 31, 2018

How to Invest Money for Beginners?

Investing money is an art form, which effectively involves the use of science, a hint of statistics, as midge of economics, and a well-informed mathematical bearing. However, most people fail to recognize that this art form can be learned and enhanced overtime with keen dedication and practice. Although, to make it a less intimidating endeavor for beginners, it is thought necessary for them to follow a set of basic principles and rules to get them on the right footing from the get go. While these tips do not promise success in creating wealth through investing, they are considered helpful in steering the beginners in the right direction. 

Dec 31, 2018

How you can become a value investor

We all enjoy and take great pride in purchasing valuable items or merchandise during a sale season at a marked-down price, knowing full well that they are temporarily being undervalued. That is, we simply spot an opportunity and strike while the iron is hot, or in the case of value investing, when the price is right. This notion upholds the theory of value investing in the most succinct of ways. As described by notable value investors of our world, Value Investing is a strategy in which stocks of growing businesses are identified and bought when they are ........

Dec 27, 2018

How to Create Wealth from nothing?

In this highly volatile and competitive world that we live in, most individuals are known to stash away their dreams of becoming wealthy and sweeping the thought of getting rich under the rug, believing it to be an impossible notion. This is partly because, due to our lack of knowledge in the area of How to Manage Our Wealth, most of us go through life putting our faith in a common misconception that it takes a hefty amount of wealth to create wealth.

Although, it must be known, that income is a mandatory ........

Dec 19, 2018

How to Become a Millionaire by age 30?

There was a time when saving money would have been enough to make more money. However, in this day and age, simply storing money like winter nuts won’t make you a millionaire. For most young adults, saving in itself can seem a lofty task. And becoming a millionaire by the age of thirty seems like a fantasy. In fact, achieving the millionaire status can seem to be a daunting task for people from any age group.

What most people don’t realize is, that this seemingly unachievable feat is within their reach. The key is simply to start early. Whether it is saving, or investing or a balanced combination of both, the ........

Dec 10, 2018

Why investors prefer stocks over real estate?

Time and again, the investors’ community gets drawn into an argument about which investment is better – stocks i.e. investing in equity markets or real estate? Experienced investors know that picking between the two is like choosing between VVS Laxman and Rahul Dravid. Both forms of investments have their own sets of benefits and drawbacks.

Obviously, there are also unique aspects to stocks and real estate investments. Introduction and expansion of technology in real estate market is also attracting investors. Similarly,

Dec 03, 2018

When is the best time to start investing?

There is no hard and fast rule about when to start investing, but the sooner is always the better. Where and how to begin investing and what investment making company to begin with can be quite intimidating for first-timers to comprehend. It is important to understand the basics of investing before diving into which investment making company to consider.

Basic Investment Premises and Factors

Risk-Return Trade-off: Financial instruments differ in terms of their riskiness and potential returns. The popular belief is that there is a direct relation between risk ........