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Our Story

MC-WEALTH is a community.

A community derived from a technology making and delivery organization.

In the year 1966 a young economist and meritorious statistical analyst Marc initiated predicting US markets under his statements, “US market will be a comeback in year 1967 till 1982”. The aforementioned statement had weight but without value, until the prediction was realistic with exact timeframe. It exactly happened in 1967 in the US. Stocks from sidewise started to Bull Run and the scripts where he had locked his predictions went as per his words.

He was in high demand ever since and required by top investors of US to accelerate the throttle of their federal balances. Marc went to US in year 1967 and invested within himself and that investment was his time and logical potential that broke the records of World’s greatest financial predictors. Through the draught of actual mathematical and logical reasoning for a script Marc found that his statements was in seek of technology. Technology that speaks for itself and creates impact upon the authors. This was when a very young Lewis joined hands with Marc for new dimensions of Market with planned revenue to predict.

In just a few months they came to a conclusion that technology does matter but the thing which matter for courageous investors is influence of the advisor in the overall market. They came back and initiated a new company in year 1969. Robotics (UK) limited, in London was formed by Marc & Lewis with permanent establishment in UK. Within a decade they improved their research in the market and developed their own technical team which was capable of developing its own algorithms that supported back testing and execution of trade with 99% accuracy. In year 2017, two more major investors, M Saransh & Rubin Csar came onboard and pumped in huge investments for the now established High Frequency Trade Set-ups with ultra modern devices and data feeding services. There and then post liquidation of the early tag, MC-WEALTH came into existence.

The technical & Commercial rights for this company for Entire Asia & Australia are with an early US based software developer with his company in US. Now boasting of a strong technical backbone, MC-WEALTH is expanding itself in trending the profits with its technology and offering at par returns to their investors from various stratas.

MC-WEALTH , a child of finance has now grown into a mega Investment Holding Company of renowned names, with the best-in-line services.